Malawi flooding crisis

The Scottish Government has provided £175,000 to the Climate Justice Fund Water Futures Programme (CJF) to support the emergency flood relief in Malawi. After an identification of the potential water supplies affected by the severe floods, the funds will be used to secure water supplies and provide immediate measures to mitigate potential contamination.

As happened in 2015, the rainy season in Malawi has hit the country very hard, causing severe flooding in the south (Link to news). According to the Government of Malawi’s estimations, nearly a million people have been affected, tens of thousands displaced and several people have lost their lives.

The Scottish Government has expressed her condolences to the people of Malawi and has joined the international community in the emergency relief efforts (Link to Scottish Government’s press release).

The CJF has been awarded the funds as part of the HydroNation, which focuses on Climate Change adaptation and mitigation and has Malawi as a close partner. The Scottish Government has considered that the CJF has the technical knowledge and needed logistical capacity to provide this immediate support to the Government of Malawi. Currently, Prof. Robert M. Kalin, Director of the CJF, is working together with the Department of Disaster Management Affairs (DoDMA) to assess the situation and support the emergency relief implementation plan.

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