PhD research engagement at the Global Engineering Congress and Water and Health 2018 Conference

On the 26th of October Jonathan Truslove, a PhD student funded through the Climate Justice Fund: Water Futures Programme attended Day 5 of the Global Engineering Congress with a worldwide community of engineers to look at how we can create real change and plan how the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) can be attained. This took place in London, brought together by the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) as part of the ICE 200 bicentenary programme, the 50th anniversary of WFEO and the UK Government’s Year of Engineering. Day 5 of the congress focussed on the challenges of financing infrastructure and how the industry needs a focus on social gains, rather than just monetary if the SDGs are to be met.

Following the Global Engineering Congress, Jonathan participated and presented at the Water and Health: Where Science Meets Policy 2018 conference between the 29th of October and 2nd of November. Hosted by the Water Institute at the University of North Carolina, the conference explored drinking water supply, sanitation, hygiene and water resources in both developing and developed countries with a strong emphasis on public health. The main themes of this years conference was centred around measuring progress towards the SDG targets, water scarcity, rural water supply, WASH Equity and inclusion, and WASH in Emergencies. During this time Jonathan engaged in side events, attended research presentations, and networked with WASH professionals and PhDs from around the world.

Jonathan also had the opportunity to present part of his PhD research at a poster reception “An investigation of community pooled resources for sustainable handpump maintenance: The relationship between water user participation and saline water”, which was well received by the WASH community. There was significant interest in Jonathans PhD area of research, in particular from those in similar research areas addressing the issues from a different perspective. These discussions were very beneficial to the ongoing research, and provided potential opportunities following the completion of the PhD. There was also interest in the broader CJF research and operations from numerous conference participants, that have potential for collaboration and learning opportunities.

I am greatly thankful for the opportunity and funding from the ICE QUEST Travel award. I am also greatly thankful for funding from the University of Strathclyde: Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering travel award and the Postgraduate research travel award, and the Climate Justice Fund: Water Futures Programme.

Global Engineering Congress

Water and Health: Where Science Meets Policy 2018

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