Borehole Forensics demonstrations to public officers of the Government of Malawi

Representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development (MoAIWD) at national, regional and district level participated in a demonstration of the work that is being done by the Borehole Forensics Team.

Following a scientific approach, the Team has studied more than 60 boreholes across rural areas of Malawi. For the demonstration, the location chosen was a village near Mponela (Dowa District) where a borehole had been non-functional for more than 2 years.

During the demonstration the Team explained the process followed and the common causes of failure. Then, the participants dismantled the Afridev Pump with the supervision of the Team. All the parts were analysed and the interior of the borehole studied with a borehole camera and a deviation survey.

Then, the reasons of failure were identified and the participants reinstalled the Afridev Pump. Finally, the water quality was tested and the flow measured. After more than 2 years the borehole was functional again.

The Team summarised the activity and the main findings of the day and thanked the attendees for their engagement and enthusiasm. Similarly, the officers and the villagers thanked the Borehole Forensics Team for the work done. The demonstration was repeated in another location the next day for officers of different districts, NGOs and Development Partners. Finally a roundup in the Ministry’s premises was presented the following day where the impact, usefulness and next steps of the project was discussed.

#BoreholeForensics #Deviationsurvey #preventativemaintenance #Boreholecamera #Waterquality

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