The CJF attends the World Water Day celebrations in Scotland and Malawi

Members of the CJF attended the 2018 World Water Day events in Scotland and Malawi celebrated under the theme “Nature for Water”.

In Malawi, the event was organised by the Water Services Association of Malawi and attended by the Principal Secretary Grey Nyandule and Directors, Deputy Director, Regional Officers and District Water Officers of the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development (MoAIWD). Likewise, some NGOs, national and foreign universities and private companies participated.

The Principal Secretary, Grey Nyandule (Figure 1), who acknowledged the work done by Scotland, summarised the main challenges affecting the water sector (i.e. floods and droughts, deforestation and cholera outbreak) and emphasised the need to invest and explore nature based solutions. He also highlighted the future importance of the national water training institute and encouraged all the stakeholders to work together to achieve SDG6 by 2030.

Then, there were academic presentations by Professors at Malawian Universities followed by a session in water related policy and legislation supported by the CJF. Hence, Oswald Mwamsamali, Interim Secretariat of the National Water Resources Authority (NWRA), focused his presentation on the context, description, intention, objectives and key articles (i.e. abstraction licences, drilling and effluent permits and fees and penalties) of the Water Resources Act 2013 and also had some comments about the Waterworks Act 1995. Following him, Prof. Kalin emphasised in his presentation that all the activities developed by the CJF have not being new cutting edge innovations brought from Scotland, but requirements established by the Government of Malawi (GoM) in its own legislation and encourage stakeholders to follow Malawi legislation and MoAIWD to implement it.

Finally, Gift Sageme (President of Water Services Association of Malawi –WASAMA- and CEO of the Central Region Water Board) made the final closing remarks where he acknowledged the presenters, organisers and attendees for such successful event and gave a particular thank you to Scotland for its valuable and continuous support.

Meanwhile in Scotland, there were interventions from the Scottish Government (Jon Rathjen), the Department for International Development of the UK Government, DFID (Guy Howard), the University of Dundee (Andrew Allan), the HydroNation Scholars and special sessions on the Sustainable Development Goal 6 (SDG6) Targets and Indicators facilitated by representatives of Scottis Water International, Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) and the Universities of Edinburgh and Dundee).

Apart from attending with several members of the Team, a video of the CJF activities was shown in parallel both Edinburgh and Brasilia (Brasil, with the occasion of the 8th World Water Forum) (Figure 2).

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