Phase II of the mapping project will start in April in Lilongwe District

The District Executive Committee (DEC) of Lilongwe District has approved the CJF mapping activity to be developed in the District during the following two months. This project is expected to map 14,000 water related points in the District (i.e. boreholes, shallow wells, springs, latrines, waste sites etc.). The work will be lead by Strathclyde University, coordinated by our local strategic partner BASEFlow and implemented by two NGOs (World Vision Malawi and United Purpose).

During the DEC meeting, Prof. Kalin presented the results of Phase I in 8 districts in Southern Malawi (Figure 1) and summarised the benefits and impacts of the mapping exercise. He highlighted the problem of non-functional boreholes and the use of this mapping as the baseline for investment plans and proper management of local water resources.

Likewise, Muthi Nhlema (BASEFlow) (Figure 2) presented the problems faced in Phase I and how Phase II have been planned learning from them, particularly in terms of logistics and internal communication.

During the questions, the DEC members asked for the long-term approach of the project and for its sustainability. The CJF team answered the questions highlighting the results in the 8 districts in Phase I, the continouos support after the initial mapping, the Government to Government approach and the long-term support from Scotland.

Then, the District Commissioner (DC) summarised the main points of the project and asked for a decision within the DEC. The DEC voted unanimously to let the project start, to support it and to encourage the CJF to present the results as soon as possible.

Phase II of the mapping exercise, which will be completed before 31st March 2019, will be developed in 8 more districts comprising around 45,000 additional water related points.

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