It was evident from the IDI with the government official that there is a need to support government by digitizing water supply and  hydrogeological data and improving the knowledge management systems


There is a strong need to modernize monitoring systems and address the fragmented knowledge base that informs decisions and policy within the Malawi’s sector


Strengthening M&E systems within the MoAIWD water department to jointly co-create possible solutions to the data culture problem and determine what could incentivize data collection at village level.

Monitoring & Evaluation Systems Supported by Mobile Phone Technology

Scoping Report on the Diversity and


More systematic M&E processes are vital to isolate and address bottlenecks, prioritizing efforts and  tracking progress toward better WASH services and outcomes for rural communities. Though there are both institutional frameworks to guide M&E on paper and political acknowledgment of the importance of M&E for informing decision making and investment planning, this has not translated into increased production and use of the development data required to make decisions and formulate policy.


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