This work stream has, since 2011, engaged Government vertically from sub-District to Ministerial levels, sharing Policy best practice and development in the UK for consideration in Malawi. Two examples (of many) are the inclusion of the NWRA and MOA/WD into the OECD review of the Scottish Water Sector, and sharing with all 5 Water Boards how benchmarking and KPI regulatory targets are managed by Scottish Water

Laws, regulations, policies and plans are a critical part in the development of the sustainable long term management of the water resources in Malawi. Studying and fully understanding these documents and their context, the links and gaps between them and their implementation is one of the new activities of the CJFII.


Likewise, sharing experiences with the Scottish water sector in rural and urban areas and the current trends in international water governance will be another focus of this work stream. Thus, the Programme will foster and continue improving its engagement with the key stakeholders in the Malawian water sector (i.e. WASAMA, the Ministry at national, regional and local level and the Districts Councils among others). 

  • Understand the existing political and legislative structures and processes and identify relevant decision makers and stakeholders.

  • Map the Water Sector structure and identify key opportunities for cross-sector collaboration.

  • Facilitate Policy exchange visits for key Ministry and Water sector professionals to Scotland.

  • Work with the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development, consultants and the water sector in the review and development processes of the National Rural Water Investment Plan.

  • Facilitate the involvement of the District Councils in the review and development process of the National

    Rural Water Investment Plan.

  • Work the with WESNet and the Ministry to create awareness amongst NGOs and Donors in the sector of the goals and objectives of CJF.

  • Engage in water policy dialogue and influencing for the meeting of the SDG6 targets in Malawi.

  • Engage in the discussions for the implementation of the Sector Wide Approach in the programme

    implementation in Malawi.

  • Engage with the activities of the Water Sector Development Group (WSDG) and become a relevant actor in the Technical Working Groups (TWG)








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