PhD Candidates

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Christina Fraser.jpg
Transboundary Aquifer Assessments at the National Scale to Support Cross-Border Sustainable Integrated Water Resource Management

Christina Fraser

Donald Robertson.jpg
Groundwater Sustainability in Malawi – human and environmental controls on groundwater availability and the impact on progress towards the SDGs.

Donald Robertson

LK photo update.jpg
Development of a framework for assessing temporal changes in Groundwater – Surface Water Interactions

Laura Kelly

Jonathan 1.jpg
Sustainable Cost Modelling for Preventative Maintenance of Water Points: The Maintenance Burden of Rural Water Supply Infrastructure

Jonathan Truslove

Holly Clark.jpg
Risk and resilience of groundwater as a public water supply in Malawi: the future of the aquifer

Holly Clark

Marc Addison.jpg
Fluoride ocurrence in Malawi groundwater

Marc Addison

James Bonner.jpg
Community accounts of water in rural Malawi

James Bonner

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